Tiger wants to give you access to art that opens your eyes and makes your life more playful. For a year and a half, our Danish designers worked with young Japanese designer Misaki Kawai on a whole series of quirky and colourful everyday items for children and adults. In the past, Tiger has cooperated with the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen’s international film festivals CPH:DOX and CPH:PIX and artists like Yoko Ono. Tiger has also won a number of international design prizes.

Misaki Kawai
misaki kawai tiger play


Misaki Kawai is a young Japanese artist who’s active in New York and Japan. She works with painting, dolls and installations in materials like cloth, felt, paper mache, wood, stickers and yarn. Her pieces are humorous, sincere, and playful. Misaki Kawai has exhibited all over the world including Malmö Konsthall in Sweden and MoMA PS1 in New York.

misaki kawai tiger play


Misaki Interview

Misaki on art and working with Tiger…

Misaki, how long have you worked as an artist?
Since I was a little banana.

How would you describe your work as an artist?
Always play with pandas and fluffy friends. Be playful, honest and feel free to create.

How has it changed over the years?
My hand getting more wobbly.

You have worked with many expressions and produced paintings, sculptures, books, videos and sound works. You have also made sweaters and pants before, but how is this new collaboration with Tiger different?

I usually make small editions from my studio or with independent dent publishers etc.
With tiger, we can make more products so more people can enjoy.

Why is it exciting to work with a company like Tiger and develop products with them?
I can share fun stuffs with many people because Tiger can make it more accessible.

Which products have you chosen?
Jump rope to jump to the outer space. Memory game to keep good brain etc. Also, wooden toay cars + puzzle; poofy pillows; tote bags; tank tops; umbrellas; aprons; socks; etc.

What was the most fun to make?
Every products are fun and good brain exercise.

Did you have free hands to make new things as well?
Yes, always fun to juggle many things.

What was difficult in the process of producing these products?
It was fun to figure out with tiger team how we can turn into my works to products.

Can you describe how you make your art books?
I go to find fun materials to start. And make doodles or pick photos that I shoot from daily or traveling. I sometime pick special materials to use as a charm for the book.

You have also worked with children a few times, for the Children’s Museum of the Arts in NY for example. How is this different to making exhibitions with and for children?
I always make works for all generation people. I like to make exhibition which is interactive with works which can be touched and played with. The approach for me is the same.

What is the most fun experience you have had in your work as an artist?
Every time I did workshop with children, they are amazing teachers for me. They always massage my brain.

How are your works influenced by American and Japanese culture (For example, by manga cartoons)?
Japan influenced my work with comedy and America influence me to work more freely.

What would be a dream object to make?
Playground in the water and forest. Space ship for visiting mars people. Mango village in the mountain.

You have done huge sculptures of pineapples, bikini girls, surfers, tents and so on … not to mention the biiiiggg pink dog. Do all your characters have names? What is the name of the pink dog?
he pink dog name is Arty – which is based on my friend’s dog who is big, goofy and super fluffy.

What is fun about making these oversized sculptures?
More hairy so we can all comb together! Big sculpture is more inviting to interact with.

What is your favourite animal?
Fuzzy animals. Hairy chest.

How do you normally say goodbye?
Love from Mt. Pom Pom