What kind of Christmas do you want?

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen we are crazy about Christmas. We love everything about it -  the lights, the home-made ornaments, the sweet surprises, the countdown.  Oh well, and the presents.  Maybe you feel the same way?
Here in November and December we bring you all kinds of Christmas - cosy, fun, traditional, and a little crazy. After all, Christmas is for everyone. Make sure to catch the Christmas spirit; pay a visit to one of our many stores. We cannot wait to meet you!

Merry Christmas from Flying Tiger Copenhagen!

Gift ideas.

The presents you remember are those you didn't expect.

Christmas baubles.

Decorate with red baubles or wild dinosaurs.
Find your ornaments at our stores and create your own traditions.

The Christmas party.

Make the party even funnier and find stuff that boosts the Christmas spirit.

Wrap it up!

Give presents that are almost too pretty to unwrap!
Nice wrapping paper and ribbons turn the wrapping into a gift in itself.
Share your wrapping tips with

A baking Christmas

Christmas cookies are a nice tradition.
Whether you buy them, bake them or decorate them yourself.

What kind of Christmas do you want? DO IT TOGETHER and find out. Get inspired with Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

DIT - Put the icing on the cake.

Should the door be red as Santa Claus jacket or green as the Christmas tree?
It doesn’t matter - just as long you don’t eat it, before it is finished.

DIT – Go all in on Christmas decoration.

Decorate with red baubles or wild dinosaurs?
Find your baubles at our stores and create your own traditions.

DIT – Brighten Your Family's Christmas With This Festive Countdown Candle.

What better way for you and your family to countdown the days until Christmas than by coming together each evening, starting on December 1st, to light this traditional Christmas candle?

DIT – A personalised gift for your loved ones.

Get into the holiday spirit and give your loved ones some Christmas magic this holiday season with this easy and inexpensive ornament.

DIT – It’s a wrap!

Give the expected gift an unexpected look. Made together with your loved ones or for your loved ones.

DIT - Christmas Baking

Don't let baking stress you out around the holidays!
Turn it into a festive tradition together with your family and friends.

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